Jason Greenhouse - Student Enrollment

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Jason Greenhouse - Student Enrollment

Post  O.G Coke on Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:34 am

Full Name:Jason Greenhouse


Date of Birth: 07/03/94b]


Current Residence: N/A

Contact Number: 43807

Desired Subject: ((There is no choosable list yet, just tell us the subject you'd most like to see available to study. )) Science, PE.

Past Education/Qualifications: (if any)

Why have you chosen our University?: Its in the local area. All my friends go here.

Do you agree to comply and commit to all of LSU's policies and rules?:Whatever

Do you accept our right to expulsion of any of our rules are disobeyed?: I guess..

O.G Coke

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Re: Jason Greenhouse - Student Enrollment

Post  Stitches on Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:54 am

Congratulations, Jason Greenhouse!

You have been accepted as a student at Los Santos University.

We will be in communication with you before the start of school term to discuss your schedule and chosen subjects.

Oh, and the use of 'whatever' is not in correspondence with our contracts. No problem, we will widen your vocabulary at the University.

Thank you for applying!

- LSU Administration Team


Professor L. Stefano
Higher Administration; Department of Psychology
Phone: 77777 - ldl@lsu.sa

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